Friday, June 03, 2011

Errr..... shabby clock shows 5.30 a.m n i'm still not feel sleepy yet.

yet it's not a gift but some problems that I bear for a long time.



but right now i dun've any intention to care about it.

just thinking dat at 9 i'll move 1 step ahead from dis silent world. I dun know whether i'm doing 4 myself or forced to do it.

my head stuck with may problems n dis is just one from many of them.

being far away from place dat dun respect my privacy is da best moment.

what am I doing?

is it right?

shattered moments give me thousand thoughts.

please, man. be strong. Allah is the Most Merciful.


  1. Don't force urself, wan. motivate urself n do watever that make u hepy!no insomnia anymore..n smile:)